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    08/06/2017 02:00

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    28/07/2017 04:00


    These people who form a part of our cultural history have often been the very same ones who had to fight for the rights you enjoy today

    Dear Gay Community,

    I know you’ve had it hard, it’s the one thing we can all agree on. It’s the one thing keeping the L,G,B and T together. Our shared pain, our shared oppression and our shared desire for a better future.

    But, some people inside the community have been doing things that hurt all of us, and very often they’ve been arguing against their own kind precisely for this reason: “When you sleep around you make us all look bad” they say, “when you walk around like Alan Carr and act up in public, you make us all look bad”, the theme continues.

    It’s natural to be concerned about image. Indeed, image is the thing that gets you noticed. Whether it’s the first time your mother looked at you funny and asked you if there was “something you wanted to tell me” or the kids at school who always sensed you were a bit different, despite your constant attempts to tone it down and blend right in.

    But, you see, it’s this history that forms the biggest reason why, today, you should try just that little bit harder to not judge those who live differently to the way you believe a gay man should live.

    I know it’s natural to judge and to form opinions about what you feel is right and wrong, but in doing so you risk creating the very same culture of oppression on the less assimilated queers, who weren’t so able to blend in, who weren’t so able to go under the radar. These people have always lived under the spotlight, and must deal with the same pressures you did, and having it from people who are supposed to be family, just makes it all the more painful.

    Indeed, these people who form a part of our cultural history have often been the very same ones who had to fight for the rights you enjoy today, precisely because they had no choice but to stand in the spotlight. When it becomes impossible to blend in, fighting is all you have left.

    Ours – all of ours – is a community built on deviant sex, deviant relationships, and queer, gender non-conforming, loud and proud voices. It was not just the straight-acting lad’s lad, married with 2 kids who got us our rights, today. It was every other, far less ‘assimilated’ queer he owes the thanks for that privilege.

    This is not to say that gay men should, therefore, carry on those maligned, often painful histories, or actively avoid leading ‘normal lives’, indeed, it is a sign of progress that we are now able to do those things, but it is not a sign of progress that we judge people who wish to remain queer and non-conforming. Those people deserve our respect in our present, just as much as they did in our past – at a time when asking for respect wasn’t even an option for being any boy who loves boys, or any girl who loves girls.

    We must stop being a community deeply divided between ‘insider’ and ‘image damager’, and the emphasis on this lesson learning, is not on the queers. They’ve done enough.

    It is the gay man who believes that being anything other than in a monogamous relationship with a chiselled, straight-acting white man is a stain on his community, that needs to hang his head in shame, admit his ignorance and take a lesson in queer theory. It is not the queers, who live alternatively, but openly, who are the damaging ones here.

    I wish you nothing but love and happiness, whether that’s attending orgies at the local bathhouse or settling down with a glass of wine with your other half in the evening.

    Or all those who fall somewhere in between.

    I hope you’ll extend the rest of us the same civility.


    Words by Daniel Ashley, Sex and Gender Researcher – University of Brighton


    04/07/2017 02:00

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    06/09/2017 18:00

    European Court: All E.U. Nations Must Recognize Rights of Same-Sex Coupless

    The directive applies even to nations that do not recognize marriage equality

    Romania does not have marriage equality — but it must now recognize the rights of same-sex spouses.

    In fact, all member states of the European Union must, according to a new directive from the European Court of Justice, the highest court in the E.U.

    .The directive came about after Romanian officials refused to grant residency to Claibourn Hamilton, an American who married his Romanian partner, Adrian Coman, in Brussels in 2010, reports The Guardian. The country does not recognize any form of legal union between those of the same gender.

    Under the E.U.'s 2004 freedom of movement principle, member states are required to grant residency to citizens' spouses from non-E.U. countries.. Previously, the term "spouse" had been undefined.

    The gay couple, alleging discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, challenged the decision of Romanian authorities. The case was eventually referred to the ECJ, which determined that "spouse" is gender-neutral and includes same-sex partners. 

    "Although member states are free to authorize marriage between persons of the same sex or not, they may not impede the freedom of residence of an E.U. citizen by refusing to grant his or her spouse of the same sex, a national of a non-E.U. country, a right of permanent residence in their territory," said Melchior Wathelet, advocate general of the ECJ.

    The majority of E.U. nations have marriage equality, but some offer civil unions with equivalent or limited rights. In addition to Romania, other E.U. countries that have no legislation recognizing same-sex unions or marriages include Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, and Bulgaria.

    The ECJ's order is nonbinding. The case will be decided by a national court or tribunal later this year — although judges generally follow the Luxembourg court's directives.

    The move was hailed as a major victory in LGBT rights.

    "This is fantastic news and a landmark opinion for rainbow families," Sophie in ‘t Veld, the Dutch member of the European Parliament, told The Guardian. "Freedom of movement is a right of all E.U. citizens; it cannot be restricted because of whom they love. The European Union protects our rights."

    Source: The Gurdian By http://schema.org/Person" itemprop="author" style="font-size: 16px; color: rgb(118, 118, 118); font-family: "Guardian Text Egyptian Web", Georgia, serif; font-weight: bold; -webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(26, 26, 26, 0.301961); -webkit-text-size-adjust: 100%;"> 

    12/01/2018 00:00
    08/06/2017 02:00

    The 25 most important LGBTI movies of the last 25 years

    13/11/2017 17:00
    11/07/2017 07:00
    18/06/2017 00:00

    Australia-Children Raised By Gay Parents Do As Well As Their Peers, Study Shows

    As the marriage equality vote draws toward its close, a comprehensive study published in the Medical Journal of Australia shows children raised in same-sex-parented families do as well as children raised by heterosexual couple parents.

    The review of three decades of peer-reviewed research by Melbourne Children’s found children raised in same-sex-parented families did as well emotionally, socially and educationally as their peers.

    The study’s findings will undercut one of the arguments that have been used by the No campaign: that children need both a mother and a father to flourish.
    The study’s authors said their work aimed to put an end to the misinformation about children of same-sex couples and pointed out that the results had been replicated across independent studies in Australia and internationally.

    Titled The Kids are OK: it is Discrimination Not Same-Sex Parents that Harms Children, the report comes as the postal survey voting period enters its final days. Votes must be received by the Australian Bureau of Statistics by November 7 and outcome will be announced on November 15. So far polling has indicated that the Yes campaign is headed for a convincing win.

    Among the studies reviewed were the 2017 public policy research portal at Columbia Law School, which reviewed 79 studies investigating the wellbeing of children raised by gay or lesbian parents; a 2014 American Sociological Association review of more than 40 studies, which concluded that children raised by same-sex couples fared as well as other children across a number of wellbeing measures; and the Australian Institute of Family Studies’ 2013 review of the Australian and international research, which showed there was no evidence of harm.

    “The findings of these reviews reflect a broader consensus within the fields of family studies and psychology. It is family processes – parenting quality, parental wellbeing, the quality of and satisfaction with relationships within the family) - rather than family structures that make a more meaningful difference to children’s wellbeing and positive development,” the researchers said.

    The researchers said that studies reporting poor outcomes had been widely criticised for their methodological limitations. For example the widely quoted Regnerus study compared adults raised by a gay or lesbian parent in any family configuration with adults who were raised in stable, heterosexual, two-parent family environments, which may have distorted the outcomes.
    However, the study did find that young people who expressed diversity in their sexual orientation or gender identity experienced some of the highest rates of psychological distress in Australia, said the study’s senior author, Prof Frank Oberklaid.
    “Young LGBTIQ+ people are much more likely to experience poor mental health, self-harm and suicide than other young people, “ he said.
    Sadly, this is largely attributed to the harassment, stigma and discrimination they and other LGBTIQ+ individuals and communities face in our society,” Oberklaid said. 
    He warned that the debate itself had been harmful.

    “The negative and discriminatory rhetoric of the current marriage equality debate is damaging the most vulnerable members of our community – children and adolescents. It’s essential that we recognise the potential for the debate about marriage equality to cause harm for our children and young people,” Oberklaid said.
    He said there was solid evidence in countries that had legalised same-sex marriage that it had a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of same-sex-parented families and LGBTIQ+ young people.
    “As part of the medical community we feel a duty of care to all groups in our society, particularly to those who are vulnerable. Our duty extends to making sure that accurate, objective interpretations of the best available evidence are available and inaccuracies are corrected in an effort to reduce the destructiveness of public debate,” Oberklaid said.
    He called for an end to the negative messages that could harm children in the final weeks of the voting period.

    Source: theguardian.com

    Australia-Children Raised By Gay Parents Do As Well As Their Peers, Study Shows http://www.lovementomen.com/2017/10/australia-children-raised-by-gay-parents-do-as-well-as-their-peers.html

    28/10/2017 19:00

    India's first complete transgender couple are hoping to marry

    Sukanyeah and Aarav met at a gender reassignment clinic. Now they're planning a wedding.
    "when I saw her, I couldn’t resist talking to her”, said Aarav Appukuttan about his now soon-to-be wife, Sukanyeah.

    Aarav, 46, was assigned female at birth, and Sukanyeah, 22, was assigned male. Both from Kerala, they met by chance at a hospital some three years ago. Neither of them knew they both wanted to get a sex reassignment surgery at the time.

    “I saw her and I was really curious to get to know her. So, I initiated the conversation and we started talking,” he told The Better India.

    nterestingly, Aarav says he has never really had a bad experience due to his gender identity.

    “Whenever someone would approach me or make fun of me based on my identity, I would just smile. They would always wonder if I was a woman or a man, and I would happily clear their doubt. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, my mother taught me that,” said Aarav.

    Sukanyeah on the other hand, did.

    “You know how our society is. The experiences were pretty bad. Just recently I had applied for a job in Bengaluru. I excelled in every test, and got a great feedback. But when the employers saw my Facebook profile and figured I was a transgender person, they rejected my application. They told me the clients wouldn’t be comfortable in dealing with someone like me,” Sukanya told The Better India.

    But it doesn’t bother her much. Sukanyeah is a software developer, who believes she’s great at her job. “Every freelance project I’ve taken up has got me great reviews from my employers,” she said.

    She found it easier to share her bad experiences with Aarav, which is when they became really close. The surgery brought them even closer.

    “At that time, I was confused whether I should propose to her or not. I knew she loved me, but I wasn’t sure.”

    Now with their sexes changed, Aarav went up to Sukanyeah, told her he didn’t care about the age gap between them, and asked her if she’d marry him. Sukanyeah, of course, said yes. The rest was history.

    Next month, they will be the first transgender couple to get married in India. Aarav’s family has been in full support of their decision, while the reaction of Sukanyeah’s relatives has been mixed. But among friends, the two expressed how the response they’ve received since they announced their wedding has been amazing.

    All they’re waiting for now are the documents.

    “We’ve applied to get our sex changed in all our documents, and that takes a lot of time. As soon as that’s done, we will tie the knot. I want it to be a legal marriage, so it’s easier for us to adopt a child. You can’t do that without a marriage certificate,” said Aarav.

    While Sukanya is currently working, Aarav is still figuring out his future plan. “Maybe I’ll take a loan and start a small scale business. I’m still deciding what to do, but I need to do that fast to be able to make ends meet,” he said.


    20/10/2017 20:00
    04/07/2017 00:00

    Here are 46 more weird and wonderful facts from LGBTI history

    Did you know Leonardo Da Vinci was arrested for gay sex – twice? Or Man! I Feel Like A Woman was inspired by a trip to a drag bar? Find out more facts from LGBTI history

    1. Olive oil was used for many things in Ancient Greece, including as a popular lube for anal sex.

    2. Christmas has its origins in Saturnalia, a Roman festival around first century BC. Instead of family lunch, it was a celebration of sex, fertility and homosexuality. During the festivities, men ran around naked, tops became bottoms and masters waited on servants.

    3. There is no record whatsoever of Jesus or Muhammad preaching against homosexuality.

    4. St Paulinas of York, who was bisexual, inventedthe tradition of bells calling parishioners to church.

    5. The earliest form of same-sex marriage was a Christian ceremony called adelphopoiesis. St Sergius, a commander in the Roman army in the third century, and St Bacchus, his second in command, were lovers who had their union in this way. The Catholic Church stripped them of ‘saint’ status in 1969.

    6. William II was ‘addicted to every kind of vice, particularly lust and especially sodomy’, according to early records. He kept his male courtiers hair long, and reportedly promoted them based on their talents in bed.

    7. Eleanor Rykener, who may have been a trans woman, was a 14th century prostitute working in London. Arrested in 1395 for cross-dressing, this is the only surviving legal records from that age which mentions sodomy. Rykener claimed to have many clients, and preferred priests as they ‘paid better than others’

    8. Leonardo Da Vinci was arrested for gay sex, twice, at 24 years old. He was acquitted. If he had been killed, the world would never have had the Mona Lisa or The Last Supper.

    9. In around 1600, William Shakespeare wrote As You Like It and Twelfth Night. Both feature women who cross-dress as men. It is thought this was a direct response to a Puritan campaign that objected to the ‘gay’ practice of young boys cross-dressing on stage.

    10. At the first ever trial in Canada for homosexuality in 1648, a gay military drummerwas sentenced to death. His life was spared on the condition he accepted the position of New France’s first permanent executioner.

    11. Catharina Linck, in 1721, was executed for being gay in Germany, who would dress as a man. It was found she had been sleeping with women using a leather stuffed horn. Acting as a funnel, it also allowed her to urinate standing up.

    12. Deborah Sampson joined the Continental Army in 1782 and served 17 months as ‘Robert Shurtliff’, living, dressing and fighting as a man. They also reportedly had a lot of sex with women. A renowned soldier, they also once carved a bullet from their thigh.

    13. Charles Dickens went to a London prison in 1835 and visited the last two men hanged for homosexuality in the UK.

    14. Japan has one of the shortest-lived sodomy laws in the world. The statute was in place from 1873 to 1883. Samurai warriors, who had a long tradition of same-sex relations, mounted strong opposition to the law and helped to get it repealed.

    15. Using ‘they’ as a third person gender-neutral singular was the most popular pronoun in the English language until the 1800s, when ‘he’ and ‘she’ became widespread to make English more like Latin.

    16. The author of America the Beautiful, Katharine Lee Bates, was an ardent feminist who lived for 25 years with another woman believed (based on Bates’ own writing) to be her lesbian partner.

    17. The Duke of Kent, the bisexual younger brother of British kings George VI and Edward VIII, was arrested alongside theatre legend Noel Coward under suspicion of prostitution. They had been going around Soho in London dressed as women.

    18. When a desperate mother asked Sigmund Freud to cure her gay son in 1935, he wrote her back explaining why her son had nothing to be ashamed of.

    19. There was an attempt to make a film adaptation of The Children’s Hour, about the dangers of homophobia. However censors demanded any mention of homosexuality were completely removed.

    20. In early 1940, a Women’s Auxiliary Air Force report came to a conclusion on lesbianism: ‘Naturally, it is a vice that is going to be impossible to keep out of the WAAF altogether.’

    21. In 1970, the State of Connecticut denied a gay man a driver’s license on the basis that his sexuality made him dangerous to other drivers.

    22. Dusty Springfield, one of the biggest superstars at the time, came out as bisexual in 1970. ‘I know that I’m as perfectly capable of being swayed by a girl as by a boy’

    23. Wendy Carlos, a transgender woman, helped to pioneer electronic music. In 1968 she experimented with a series of recordings of compositions by JS Bach played on a Moog synthesizer.  She won three Grammys and recorded music for the soundtrack of Clockwork Orange.

    24. Years before Stonewall in New York City, there was a queer rebellion against police harassment in San Francisco in 1966. Trans people fought back against police outside Compton’s Cafeteria in San Francisco.

    25. Bayard Rustin, an openly gay black man, inspired Martin Luther King Jr’s use of non-violent protest from which Bayard learned in India taking part in Ghandi’s movement.

    26. A young stripper named Shelly Bauman lost her leg in a freak confetti cannon accident. She sued and used the money from the settlement to open Seattle’s first gay bar, which she named ‘Shelly’s Leg’.

    27. The first openly gay LGBTI person to be elected to office was not Harvey Milk. It was Kathy Kozachenko, in 1974, who won a seat on the Ann Arbor, Michigan city council.

    28. Shakuntala Devi wrote the first study of homosexuality in India, The World Of Homosexuals, in 1977. It treated homosexuality in an understanding light and is considered pioneering.

    29. Singer Johnny Mathis came out as gay in a 1982 magazine article, but the magazine had to retract the statement because Mathis received numerous death threats.

    30. In a private cemetery in Arkansas, Ruth Coker-Burks single-handedly buried and gave funerals to more than 40 gay men during the height of the AIDS epidemic. She had to do this because their families wouldn’t claim them.

    31. When scientists first realized American gay men and Africans in France were both suffering from AIDS, French researchers sent over a sample to be tested. But a scientist with a grudge against the French institute switched out the sample, setting research back years.

    32. An official Star Trek novel was published with scenes depicting Kirk and Spock as lovers in 1985. While these parts were supposed to be edited out, the wrong version was printed. It then became a collector’s item.

    33. OJ Simpson’s father was a gay drag queen who died of AIDS.

    34. Before Matt Groening created The Simpsons, he created a cartoon featuring a gay couple.

    35. Dorian Corey, the older drag queen featured heavily Paris Is Burning, kept a mummified corpsein her apartment for an untold amount of years. Shot in the head, wrapped in fake leather and stuffed in a suitcase, it was only discovered after her death.

    36. The first primetime male gay kiss in the US is up for debate. While many consider it to be Dawson’s Creek in 1995, On Will & Grace, Will and Jack kissed (for political reasons) three months earlier.

    37. Sailor Moon in Japan had a lesbian couple, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune. In the English translation this is censored, stating they are cousins instead. Due to the dubbing the flirting that was left in, this meant some viewers thought their relationship was incestuous.

    38. George Clooney once was asked if he would ever play a gay role. His response was: ‘I already did — as Batman’.

    39. When asked if Bert and Ernie were gay in 1994, Sesame Streett CEO Gary Knell replied ‘They are not gay, they are not straight. They are puppets. They don’t exist below the waist.’

    40. Man! I Feel Like A Woman was inspired by Shania Twain’s visit to a drag bar.

    41. Oscar, the character from the US version of The Office, was not originally intended to be gay. This choice was inspired by an early episode in which he wore a pink shirt.

    42. In 2004, a Mario game had a transgender playable character with a subplot about being accepted by her family. This was censored in the American version.

    43. Eminem gave Elton John a pair of diamond studded cock-rings as a wedding gift.

    44. A Nigerian ‘scientist‘ claimed he had ‘proved’ being gay was wrong by using magnets in 2013. He then promptly demanded to be given the Nobel prize for his research. He didn’t get one.

    45. Satanists performed a ‘Pink Mass‘ on the grave of Fred Phelps’ mother in order to turn her into a lesbian in the afterlife.

    46. A woman in Nebraska tried to sue all gay people in 2015. Her appeal had no legal references, but quoted Webster’s Dictionary and the Bible. It obviously did not succeed.

    Did you know the pope in the 1400s legalized gay sex during the summer months? If you want more LGBTI historical facts, check out part one and part two of this feature series.

    12/10/2017 04:00

    Gay Coming Out – Overcoming The Guilt Factor

    Is guilt about your sexual identity causing problems in your life? If so, answer the following questions to see if guilt over claiming your sexual identity may be limiting your ability to live a satisfying life:

    - Do you long to tell someone important in your life, (your parents, a friend, a sibling, or a colleague) that you are gay?

    - Are you sick and tired of pretending to be heterosexual?

    - Have you chastised yourself for being attracted to those of the same gender?

    - Have you had heterosexual relationships in an effort to “make yourself straight”?

    - Have you been attracted to the same gender for as long as you can remember?

    - When you watch a love scene in a movie, are you attracted to the character who’s the same gender as you?

    - Have you tried to squelch your same-sex attraction in every way you know how, but to no avail?

    - Do openly gay or lesbian individuals or couples make you envious?

    - Have you visited a place where homosexuality is acceptable, just to see what it felt like to be in an atmosphere of tolerance? (For example: a bar or club; a party or social gathering; a religious community; a town, city, or country.

    - Have you had a sexual relationship with a same-sex partner?

    - Are you drawn to books and movies about same-sex relationships?

    - Do you fantasize about being out?

    - Are you irresistibly drawn to members of the same sex?

    - Do you often think that your life is a lie?

    - Do you fantasize about same-sex relationships?

    - Do you think God is displeased with you or will punish you because of your same-sex attractions?

    - Do you wish you lived someplace where homosexuality was more acceptable?

    - Are you in a heterosexual marriage or relationship but know you’re gay or lesbian?

    If you answered yes to five or more questions, it is likely that you are gay or lesbian and feel guilty about claiming your sexuality.

    As you can see, some questions in the quiz are aimed at people who aren’t sure whether they’re gay, and some questions are for those who do know but keep it a secret out of guilt. The quiz is structured that way because the guilt of same-sex attraction can obscure the truth and cause people to doubt what they think or feel. Many people who find themselves irresistibly drawn to members of the same sex feel so guilty about it that they become experts at hiding it from themselves.

    I have worked with a number of people who sought my counsel because they didn’t know whether or not they were gay. In almost every case, the guilt of acknowledging their homosexuality was so great that it took therapy to help them break through it.

    It is important to say that in the case of acknowledging homosexuality, guilt is not the only culprit. Shame can also be operative.

    Guilt is feeling wrong or bad about what we do or do not do, and shame is feeling wrong or bad about who we are. Since sexuality is an integral part of our identity, people who have same-sex attraction often feel bad or wrong about who they are as human beings. When toxic guilt and shame are both active, it is an all-out attack on a person’s positive sense of self.

     toxic guilt and claiming one’s sexual identity is the only road to a satisfying and meaningful life for the majority of people who are gay or lesbian. People who deny their true sexual identity can never live authentically. They become perpetual imposters, lying to themselves and others about who they really are.
    Thankfully, homosexuality is becoming more and more acceptable. Social and cultural norms continue to change for the better as more and more gay people claim their sexual identity and come out. But societal change comes slowly, and homosexuals still suffer from discrimination and prejudice.

    Todd’s story is typical of the pain and suffering that can occur when toxic guilt keeps someone from living in their true sexual identity.

    Todd was a senior in college when he came to me for therapy. His father was the high school football coach in their small hometown. Todd, an only child, was very close to his tight-knit family. Thin and delicate, Todd didn’t exactly live up to the athletic aspirations his father had for him. His father was determined to make Todd into an athlete. Hopelessly optimistic, the father pressured his son year after year.

    When I first saw Todd he was a wreck. His slender face, big green eyes, and anxious stare made him look like a frightened kitten. He explained that he was in a committed relationship with Scott and had been for over a year. His parents did not know. Having failed as the macho athlete his father hoped for, how could he possibly tell his father he was gay?

    Scott took Todd’s reluctance to come out to his parents as a personal affront. For Scott, it was a sign that he didn’t really mean that much to Todd. Meanwhile, Todd was so anxious that he couldn’t concentrate, couldn’t eat, and wasn’t sleeping well either. Caught between a rock and a hard place, Todd couldn’t see a way out. How could he reassure his partner without risking almost certain rejection from his father?

    Let’s analyze Todd’s guilt. Todd felt guilty on two counts; he knew he would disappoint his father if he came out to him, and he knew he would disappoint Scott if he did not. As we worked on sorting out Todd’s feelings he faced the reality that he had been a disappointment to his father all his life for not being the son his father wanted, a jock. Although Todd tried again and again to live up to his father’s expectations, he never could. In many ways, his father did not know his son at all. Scott, on the other hand, knew exactly who Todd was and valued and respected him greatly. In his relationship with Scott, Todd felt seen and heard by an important male figure for the first time in his life. He was not willing to lose that.

    With support from Scott and other friends, Todd went home one weekend and came out to his father. His father’s reaction was just as he predicted: denial, anger, and finally tears. His father told his mother, and their solution was to insist that Todd go to therapy to get “fixed.” When Todd confessed he was already in therapy and had been for some time, they were baffled.

    Their next ploy was to invite their pastor and a few members of the congregation over for an “intervention”. Surely God and the church would “fix” him. Todd was prepared for these tactics, and stood his ground. The church committee left, exasperated.

    Finally, and sadly, Todd’s parents told him to leave and not come back until he had changed; they also cut off his funding for college.

    Todd was sad and upset about their response but reported that he also felt a great sense of relief and felt “clean inside.” He got a job and applied for financial aid. Before he graduated, Todd and his parents reconciled. Although the topic of his sexual identity is taboo between Todd and his parents, they were willing to meet Scott and even allowed him to visit in their home.

    I applaud the courage of gay and lesbian people who are determined to be who they are in the world. If you, like Todd, are stymied by overwhelming guilt at the thought of claiming your true identity, it may be time to get honest in order to live a satisfying and meaningful life. For some people that means coming out openly and publicly, for others it does not. But discovering and claiming who you are to yourself is the critical first step.

    Overcoming guilt about your sexual identity is a journey that begins with self-acceptance. You must discover that you are as valuable and as important as everyone else. If your faith community would tell you otherwise, find a more understanding one! Claiming your sexual identity is a proclamation of who you are. You have every right in the world to this self-understanding and identity. When, where, and to whom one wants to come out is a personal decision and should be considered carefully and thoughtfully. Some people are very private about who they come out to, usually because they harbor some guilt about it or because they know their livelihood would be at stake (due to prejudice in the workplace or due to the nature of their career). Others do their best to make sure everyone knows they are gay or lesbian. People must be seen, heard, and experienced for who they really are in order to have optimal emotional health; it is not possible for that to happen if you are gay or lesbian and pretending to be heterosexual. If you are gay or lesbian and are still not out, I am sure you have very good reasons for it. One of the reasons is bound to be toxic guilt. If working through your guilt can set you free, then claiming who you are and coming out-even if it is to just one person-may be the necessary beginning.

    Article Source: EzineArticles.com
    22/09/2017 18:00

    This Instagram account brilliantly skewers every Basic Gay you’ve ever met. Look familiar?

    We’ve just discovered our latest Internet obsession, and life may never be the same.

    The LA Basics wickedly parodies those “Basic Gays” who aspire to rack up adoring Instagram followers by endlessly posting thirst-trappy selfies, opulent vacation snaps, and shameless plugs for sponsors (most of which are underwear companies.)

    It’s a great, lighthearted skewering of a very particular type of gay man you’re likely to meet after midnight at The Abbey, unless, of course, it’s that particular type of gay man that people meet when they’re meeting you.

    The account’s biography says it all: “Part-time model| Aspiring actor | Fashion Blogger | Gym Enthusiast.”

    Take a look at some of the best bits below:

    18/09/2017 21:00

    This tweet about gay culture has gone super viral because it’s so true

    We think we can all relate to this in some way…

    A simple tweet about gay culture went viral over the weekend because its sentiment rings true for many LGBT+ people across the world.

    “Gay culture is being a teenager when you’re 30 because your teenage years were not yours to live,” Introvert Gay tweeted on Saturday.

    Since then the simple message has been retweeted nearly 60,000 times, and liked over 12,000 times.

    Of course, it also received many responses from people reacting to the sentiment of the tweet.

    Anything that knocks a few years off is fine with us…

     Tweet  source:


    Join Global LGBT 🏳️‍🌈Nation 750 initiative get your card.lgbt profile;


    Article at Gay Times:

    08/09/2017 13:00

    This AI knows whether you’re gay or straight by looking at a single photo

    A recent study by Stanford University offers compelling insight into a longstanding argument about human sexuality. Published today, the study analyzed more than 35,000 facial images and built an algorithm that, with shocking accuracy, predicted a person’s sexual orientation.

    With a single photo, the algorithm correctly guessed whether men were straight or gay with 81 percent accuracy. For women, the results were a bit lower, but still impressive at 74 percent. When fed five images per person, the accuracy increased even more — 91 percent for men and 83 percent for women.

    Researchers Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang first pulled thousands of images publicly available on an online dating site. Aside from the sheer number of images available to pull from, the men could determine sexual preference based on user profiles. From there, they compiled the data set and extracted facial features using deep neural networks to sort the images.

    What they found was, gay men tend to have “gender-atypical” features, expressions, and grooming styles. Simply put, to the algorithm, these men often appeared more feminine and often had narrower jaws, longer noses, and larger foreheads than straight men.

    Gay women were the opposite, generally having larger jaws and smaller foreheads.

    Interestingly, the researchers believe the lower success rate in guessing sexual orientation in females could support the notion that female sexual orientation is more fluid than that of a male — or it could be due to fewer physical differences found in gay and straight women as opposed to their male counterparts.

    While perhaps oversimplifying the dynamic nature of both gender and sexual orientation, the algorithm still managed to correctly identify hetero- and homosexual men and women at rates far exceeding humans. Humans correctly identified sexual orientation only 61 percent of the time in men, and 54 percent in women.

    And possibly the most promising part of the study was “strong support” in the theory that sexual orientation stems from exposure to specific hormones before birth. Or, to put it simply, some people are indeed born gay.

    Suck it homophobes.

    Join Global LGBT 🏳️‍🌈Nation 750 initiative get your card.lgbt profile;


    08/09/2017 14:00

    Hidden homosexuality in Sino Soviet Propaganda From the fifties

    Sino Soviet Propaganda: During the fifties, sino-soviet relations were essentially benign, even if the  ideological roots of the Sino-Soviet split originated in the 1940s and started just after the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Alliance (1950).

    By 1961, the Communist Party of China formally denounced the Soviet variety of Communism as a product of “The Revisionist Traitor Group of Soviet Leadership”. However, before to split, both the propaganda departments stimulated feelings of friendship and cooperation in their respective populations.


    28/07/2017 22:00
    11/07/2017 07:00

    Gay Semiotics

    Handkerchiefs signify behavioral tendencies through both color and placement. A blue handkerchief placed in the right hip pocket serves notice that the wearer desires to play the passive role during sexual intercourse. Conversely, a blue handkerchief placed in the left hip pocket indicates that the wearer will assume the active or traditional male role during sexual contact. The blue handkerchief is commonly used in the treatment of nasal congestion and in some cases holds no meaning in regard to sexual preferences.

    Red handkerchiefs are used as signifiers for behavior that is often regarded as deviant or abnormal. A red handkerchief located in the right hip pocket implies that the wearer takes the passive role in anal/hand insertion. A red handkerchief placed in the left hip pocket suggests that the wearer plays the active role in anal/hand insertion. Red handkerchiefs are also employed in the treatment of nasal discharge and in some cases may have no significance in regard to sexual contact.


    Keys are an understood signifier for homosexual activity. A key chain worn on the right side of the body indicates that the wearer desires to play a passive role during a sexual encounter. Conversely, keys placed on the left side of the body signify that the wearer expects to assume a dominant position. Keys are also worn by janitors, laborers and other workers with no sexual significance intended.


    An earring in the right lobe may suggest that the wearer prefers to play the passive role during sexual activity. Conversely, an earring in the left lobe may signify active behavior on the part of the wearer. Unlike the other signifiers, however, Right/Left placement of the earring is not always indicative of Passive/Active tendencies on the part of the wearer. Furthermore, the earring or stud is often adopted by non-homosexual men, thus making the earring the most subtle of homosexual signifiers.


    a photographic study of visual coding among homosexual men
    by Hal Fischer
    © 1977

    05/09/2017 00:00
    11/07/2017 07:00

    The Real Story on Gay Genes

    Whether or not a gay gene, a set of gay genes, or some other biological mechanism is ever found, one thing is clear: The environment a child grows up in has nothing to do with what makes most gay men gay. 

    Two of the most convincing studies have proved conclusively that sexual orientation in men has a genetic cause.

    The solution to that question is exactly what Bocklandt is trying to find. By looking not at DNA but at where DNA is switched off.


    Bocklandt was once a mere science journalist. It was while producing a documentary for Belgian TV that he first met geneticist Dean Hamer. Hamer had just published a study that claimed not only to have finally proved that male homosexuality was at least partially genetic but also to have pinpointed the stretch of chromosome where one of the genes involved resided. Hamer and his colleagues conducted extensive interviews with 76 pairs of gay brothers and their family members and found that homosexuality seemed to be inherited through the maternal line. This led him to compare the X chromosomes—which can be inherited only from the mother—in those same brothers. There he discovered a shared genetic marker, a patch of DNA called Xq28. Interviews with the subjects also revealed them to be either gay or straight. (In this respect, men are entirely different from women. Studies have shown that women respond to all types of sexual depictions—not only heterosexual and homosexual images but even those of chimpanzees having sex.)

    The interview with Hamer fascinated Bocklandt. Not long after, he quit his job and moved to Washington, D.C., to work with Hamer. There he did research on the X chromosome, with hopes of someday finding the gay gene or genes themselves.

    Fourteen years later, neither Bocklandt nor any other researcher has pinpointed the precise base pairs that might turn a man gay. Part of this is due to the politics of funding for sex research. For a long period NIH grant proposals that included words like “gay,” “condom,” or even “sexuality” were turned down, much to the ire of researchers like Hamer. Shortly after he published his gay brothers study, Hamer completed a similarly designed family study looking into a genetic cause for a certain kind of anxiety. Since then there have been more than 400 independent studies looking into those genes. There have been no such studies for the gay gene. 

    It is not clear if Hamer and his team found the locus of the genetic code that causes men to memorize lines from A Star Is Born. Although a follow-up study by the team replicated their findings, a study by George Rice, a neuroscientist at the University of Western Ontario, refuted Hamer’s findings completely. In addition, two other researchers told me they don’t consider Hamer’s study valid. Yet Hamer contends that his results suggest there is a link to Xq28 and that the Rice study was biased because one of the coauthors told Hamer that he didn’t believe a gay gene could exist. Hamer also says that, if read correctly, the two other studies confirm his findings. “They didn’t even look at the entire X chromosome,” says Hamer. “They gave up immediately.” For laymen, science journalists, and researchers alike, the question remains unresolved.

    Whether or not a gay gene, a set of gay genes, or some other biological mechanism is ever found, one thing is clear: The environment a child grows up in has nothing to do with what makes most gay men gay. Two of the most convincing studies have proved conclusively that sexual orientation in men has a genetic cause.

    William Reiner, a psychiatrist at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, explored the question of environmental influences on sexuality with a group that had been surgically shifted from boys to girls. These boys had been born with certain genital deformities; because it is easier to fashion a vagina than a penis, the boys were surgically made into girls at birth. In many cases they were raised as girls, kept in the dark about the surgery, and thought themselves female long into adulthood. Invariably, Reiner found that the faux females ended up being attracted to women. If societal nudging was what made men gay, at least one of these boys should have grown up to be attracted to men. There is no documented case of that happening.

    The second study was an examination of twins by psychologist Michael Bailey of Northwestern University. Among identical twins, he found that if one was gay, the other had a 50 percent chance of also being gay. Among fraternal twins, who do not share the same DNA, there was only a 20 percent chance. 

    At first glance, those results seem to suggest that at least some homosexuality must not be genetic. Identical twins have the same genes, right? How could one turn out gay and the other not gay as often as 50 percent of the time? There are many other traits that are not always the same in identical twins, however, like eye color and fingerprints. The interesting question is, how do any of these major differences arise between two products of the same code?

    The solution to that question is exactly what Bocklandt is trying to find. By looking not at DNA but at where DNA is switched off, he hopes to find the true genetic seat of homosexuality. Hamer looked at broad regions of chromosomes using genetic markers, a low-resolution result that tells little more than “something’s going on somewhere around here.” Bocklandt is hoping to look with a much stronger magnifying glass at the areas Hamer’s research ­highlighted. If he succeeds, it will be a triumph not only for the genetics of homosexuality but also for genetic research in general.

    Bocklandt has collected DNA from two groups of 15 pairs of identical twins. In one group, both twins are gay. In the second, one twin is gay, and the other is straight. Identical twins have the same DNA, but the activity of their genes isn’t necessarily the same. The reason is something called methylation. 

    Methylation turns off certain sections of genetic code. So even though we inherit two copies of every gene—one from our mother, one from our father—whether the gene is methylated often determines which of the two genes will be turned on. Methylation is inherited, just as DNA is. But unlike DNA, which has an enzyme that proofreads both the original and the copy to minimize errors, methylation has no built-in checks. It can change from one generation to the next and may be influenced by diet or environment. It’s in this mutability that Bocklandt hopes to find the secret, by seeing which flipped genetic switches correlate with homosexuality. 

    “For each pair we expect to see a whole lot of things that are random—sometimes someone smoked, or medication was used for long periods of time,” Bocklandt says. “But basically we compare the gay results with the straight ones and see if any region shows up multiple times for these subjects.”



    DNA Is Not Destiny: The New Science of Epigenetics


    19/08/2017 19:00

    Depuis ce Matin

    Photographer. Documentary //Art Mornings of guys in Tel Aviv. Write me to D I R E C T if you want to take part in the project. Copyright Depuiscematin.
    02/07/2017 13:00
    11/07/2017 07:00

    DJ Seef, Baby what do you see?

    circuit party is a large dance event. It extends through the night and into the following day, almost always with a number of affiliated events in the days leading up to and following the main event. Proto-circuit parties in the late 1970s, the precursors of what later became circuit parties, were called disco parties. They lasted only one evening and were held in various large venues in metropolitan areas with large gay populations.
    Circuit parties were first developed in connection with the early tea dances attended by a subset of gay men, as well as theme parties held on Fire Island, in the days after police abuse and before the beginning of the health crisis of HIV/AIDS. They came to resemble underground rave parties in some respects, but differ in that circuit parties are highly publicized and professionally produced, and tend to attract people from a wider age range and a broader geographic area.

    04/10/2017 11:00
    15/07/2017 01:00

    A Trip to Tel Aviv Pride Turned this Gay Man into a Stepdad

    In 2014 New Yorker Andrew Joseph traveled to Tel Aviv, Israel to experience Gay Pride Week. Andrew, who had previously lived in Israel for 5 years but had been closeted during that time, had always wanted to attend the festivities and had finally managed to arrange a trip. Gay Pride week, Andrew met Ariel Feingold, and they fell for each other. A little over a year later, they were married. The two have discussed expanding their family in the future, one that already includes Ariel's daughter Noam.

    Ariel had always wanted children, and growing up in Israel, he believed the only way to become a dad was by marrying and starting a family with a woman. He came out in 2011 when Noam was three. That first year was very difficult for Ariel's ex but they shared custody of Noam and she spent a few nights a week with each parent. Ariel's ex has since found a new partner with whom she has a 3-year-old. Fortunately, everyone is on good terms.

    When it came to having another man in her life, Noam could not have been more welcoming to Andrew. She was just 6 years old when she first met Andrew, then known as his boyfriend from New York.

    "She was very loving and friendly, as she is with most people who are sweet to her," said Andrew. "[And it] didn't hurt that I brought her a Barbie doll."

    Andrew and Ariel had a wedding celebration in Tel Aviv in August 2015, and were married in New Jersey in October of the same year.

    Ariel began pondering a move to New York to be with Andrew. Even before he could broach the subject with Noam, she brought it up herself. She told him that she just wanted him to be happy, and that she would miss him, but that it would be okay.

    The distance has been tough, but Noam comes to stay with her dads 2-3 times a year, and Andrew and Ariel make the most of her US vacations: On her first visit they went to Disney World and made the most of the opportunity to bond.

    "[It is] life changing to go from a situation where you're mostly just looking after yourself, to a situation in which a little person depends on you and you need to always put their needs first," shared Andrew on the changes that came with becoming a stepdad. "It [was] one of the hardest things to adjust to as well as the most meaningful."

    Ariel has settled into life as a New Yorker and is very happy here, apart from the prolonged distance from Noam. They try to return a couple of times a year but that is not always possible unfortunately due to work schedules and juggling holidays.

    The two men plan to stay in the United States for now as their careers (Andrew is a lawyer at Spotify, and Ariel is a catering events manager) are keeping them both busy. Plus the fact that same-sex couples do not have the same rights as their straight counterparts in Israel does not sit well with the two men.

    "Eventually we would like to move back to Israel," said Andrew. "I always have, and now that I'm with Ariel there's even more reason to be close to his family, especially Noam, because the distance is really hard on both of them. But it's mostly a financial and professional consideration."

    Andrew and Ariel plan to grow their family through surrogacy but not for a couple more years while they save up for the (very) large expense. So far they've attended a Men Having Babies conference in New York and spoken to surrogacy agencies and fertility clinics. They're also considering undergoing the process in Canada and have spoken to a fertility clinic there.

    "If it's something you want then you have to be willing to give up everything for it," said Andrew.

    We're looking forward to sharing their exciting news sometime in the future!

    07/09/2017 22:00

    Can you help demand justice for Tornike and Levan today?

    Georgian LGBT activists Levan Berianidze and Tornike Kusiani were attacked by a group of strangers in Batumi, Georgia, just because they were walking down a street with transgender women.

    Luckily, they thought, the police were quick to come to the scene. But to their horror, the police ALSO attacked them. 

    The police officers detained Tornike and Levan, kicking and dragging them to the police car. At the police station, they spewed homophobic slurs, demanded they take off all their clothing, and continued treating them violently and aggressively. 

    And now, Tornike and Levan have actually been charged with a fine for "hooliganism and civil disobedience."On August 25th, Levan Berianidzé, Executive Director of the Equality Movement, and Tornike Kusiani, board member of the Equality Movement, were detained and beaten by the police on homophobic grounds in Batumi, Georgia. They have been abused both verbally and physically by policemen and accused of disorderly conduct and non-compliance with a demand of a law-enforcement officer.

    Activist Tornike Kusiani says he and Berianidze were going in a nightclub with their transgender friends when strangers started insulting them. Kusiani says he moved away from the street but returned soon after, and found his transgender friend beaten and bleeding from the neck. Kusiani says he tried to call the police but that one of the people who was harassing them grabbed his hand and prevented him from calling. The activists’ lawyer claims that the police was present but did not do anything to prevent the violence against the activists. The beaten activists were afterwards arrested, while their attackers were not.  

    Berianidze reported that they were verbally and physically abused by the police when they were being taken to the isolation rooms.“After getting to the police station, the policemen told them to get naked and bend over,” says the lawyer of the two activists.

    Georgia has a terrible track record when it comes to LGBTQIA+ rights*. Despite improvements on paper, the country is rife with homophobia. Whereas the law states that you can be LGBTQIA+ and there are anti-discrimination laws in place, the homophobia runs widely throughout the country.

    After all the ill-treatment in the police station, both of them have to pay 300 Lari (a bit over 100€) in fees plus expenses for medical aid, pharmaceutical products, and damages of personal items- notwithstanding the psychological consequences.

    Please donate, please spread this message to support Tornike and Levan!

    *The acronym tries to comfort people with non-hetero sexual orientation, going further than LGBT, etc. (Lesbian, Gay, Trans-, Queer-, Inter- and Asexual, and those who do not define themselves by any of those categories).

    Can you help demand justice for Tornike and Levan today?

    This campaign is being run in conjunction with Equality Movement.


    10/09/2017 18:00

    Will you speak out? chechnya.mtv.com #EyesOnChechnya

    Jussie Smollett, Tituss Burgess and Carson Kressley, among others, have joined forces with MTV to bring awareness to the anti-gay persecution in the Russian republic of Chechnya.

    “In Chechnya, gay and bisexual men have been hunted down, rounded up, and continue to be illegally detained in prison. Many have been tortured and at least three men have been murdered,” reads a post on MTV’s website. “In spite of these horrors, not enough people are aware of what’s happening or taking action.Together we can raise the volume on the public outcry, and let the world know that we have our #EyesOnChechnya.”

    For over 100 days, we've known about gay and bi men being targeted in Chechnya. Will you speak out? http://chechnya.mtv.com #EyesOnChechnya

    MTV gives educational resources on the situation and ways to get involved. The website also links to a petition from the Human Rights Campaign to urge President Donald Trump to “join other world leaders from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to German Chancellor Angela Merkel in making it clear to Russia that lawless detentions, arrests, torture and murders of LGBTQ people are unacceptable.”

    Other celebrities have used their social media platforms to be a part of the movement including RuPaul, Nick Cannon and Lena Dunham.
    19/07/2017 04:00


    Guests will now be invited to a MAGICAL DISNEY PARTY hosted by Disneyland Paris at Walt Disney Studios Park with LGBT guests from across Europe as part of Disney’s LGBT Pride Celebrations Plus there will be exclusive access to the attractions, a DJ, Disney Characters and more!

    Greatdays Holidays and Manchester Pride get Magical once again for another enchanted lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) weekend at Magical Pride at Disneyland Paris from Thursday 19th to Sunday 22nd October – during the park’s 25th anniversary.

    Greatdays Holidays and Manchester Pride are inviting families, friends, couples and Disney fans on a three-night Disney extravaganza combining the magic of Disneyland Paris with the sparkle of Manchester Pride.

    Magical Pride offers holiday-makers a unique chance to party, play and stay at Disneyland Paris from Thursday 19th – Sunday 22nd October 2017.

    And this year’s trip will be even more magical than ever before as Disney announce new events including a huge party which for one night only will see LGBT guests from across Europe join together at Walt Disney Studios Park.

    Whilst primarily attracting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) groups and couples and families with or without same-sex parents, Magical Pride warmly welcomes anyone and everyone to enjoy the last official Manchester Pride event of the calendar year at where else, but where dreams come true, Disneyland Paris!

    The exclusive party in the Walt Disney Studios Park on Friday 20th October will be part of a wider Disney Pride offering which will see guests from across Europe visiting the park. It will be privatized between 9pm and 1am during which time guests will have access to three of the most popular attractions: The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith, and Crush’s Coaster. There will also be entertainment, appearances from Disney Characters, a cash bar and the chance to dance the night away with a DJ playing the tunes.

    Plus Disneyland Paris’ 25th anniversary is a huge milestone and will see the introduction of dazzling new shows, a new parade and more!

    Andy Beard, Managing Director of Greatdays Holidays said; “As one of the leading group travel tour operators in the UK and with over 30 years in the industry, Greatdays Travel Group is always looking for innovative ways to offer even more choice in travel. Calls for LGBT travel have grown considerably over the past 20 years. With this market comes a great sense of pride and community and these values influenced the creation of the event that is now known as Magical Pride!

    “The Manchester Pride Festival is one of the leading LGBT events, its reputation for raising money and awareness for LGBT people is unrivalled. This makes them the perfect partner in bringing Magical Pride to life and creating a truly magical experience for our guests.”

    Mark Fletcher, Chief Executive of Manchester Pride, said: “Magical Pride is such a unique experience that we are delighted to partner with Greatdays to deliver. I saw this for myself when I attended last year and can testify that it is four days packed with fun and Disney magic that anyone would love.

    “What’s more for such an iconic organisation as Disney to hold their own LGBT Pride party is wonderful to see. It will be an honour for our guests to join with other LGBT Disney fans from across Europe to celebrate together in such a special location.”

    Magical Pride packages are exclusively available through Greatdays Travel Group, starting from only £249 per person. With an enthusiastic team who dedicate themselves to all things Disneyland Paris, guests will receive exceptional customer service from the moment of booking right through to being at the event where Magical Pride representatives will be on hand to ensure all goes smoothly and everybody has a memorable time.

    Taking place in a land Where Dreams Come True, the sky is the limit for Magical Pride!


    09/07/2017 01:00

    Christians protesting LGBT Pride surprised by appearance of pro-gay 'Jesus'

    'Jesus' appeared at Pride and it was fantastic.

    Crowds cheer on Christ-like figure who calls on revellers to 'keep queer.

    Anti-gay protesters who called on revellers at a Pride march to “Return to Jesus”, found their stunt backfired when the messiah himself appeared to show up with a placard that read: “Keep queer and carry on.”

    The mock son of God turned up in a show of support for some 85,000 LBGT supporters who marched through the streets of the South Korean capital, Seoul, in a bloom of rainbow colours to celebrate their day.

    The Conservative Christians demonstrators held crosses on a stage nearby under a banner that read: “Homosexuality is a Sin”.

    Together they chanted hate messages in a bid to rain on the parade.

    But the protest fell flat on its face when revellers ignored the demonstration and instead lined up to hug the would-be Jesus amid cheers from the crowds that drowned out their chants.

    Another messiah who turned out against the protest held a placard in support of LBGT that read: “I’m cool with it.”

    The Christ-like figure was decked out in full biblical regalia including a fake beard and a white robe in an outfit that was snapped by revellers and quickly did the rounds on the internet.

    One of the mock Jesus figures said he was inspired not by the man above but to help spread a message of support for his gay friends who had been heckled in the city’s Pride two years ago.

    Robert Evans, 27, an American living in Seoul, told the Irish Examiner: “Walking amongst them and feeling [the protesters’] pure hatred directed right at me as if I was gay was an unforgettable moment.



    22/07/2017 20:00

    Israeli Religious Jewish LGBTs photographed with family declare: We no longer feel alone

    Modern Orthodoxy embraces the religious LGBTs,

    'We are the flesh and blood of the religious community,' says Helen Albom, during a photo shoot with her son's partner. 'The world will be a better place when parents accept their children as they are.'

    Dozens of religious lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders (LGBT), along with their families, took part in a new campaign aiming to raise awareness and acceptance or religious LGBTs.

    The campaign is titled, the Beautiful Faces of our Loved Ones, Women and Men who Wish Us Well with a Loving Heart, Who Held Us Tight when We Told Them Who We Are. It includes the photos of a mother and her son, an uncle and his niece, a grandmother and her grandson, a brother and sister, and of best friends. Their photos will be shown on billboards in time for the Jerusalem Pride parade in August, whose theme this year is LGBTs and Religion.

    "I may not love enough to announce my love, but other than that I say what I want," stated Yafa Auster, who was photographed with her grandson, Elik.

    "A big part of why I'm religious today is because of her," added Elik. "My grandmother's stories have become part of my own, linking me to the larger story of the People of Israel. The world will be a better place with people prefer grandmothers over ideology."

    "'The world will be a better place when parents accept their children as they are," said Helen Albom, the mother of Chaim, who defines himself as gay. Helen decided to be photographed with Chaim's partner, Yair Strauss. "The Blessed G-d created them, and we have to believe in Him and accept this with love. Because everything comes from G-d and it is all for the best.

    "The world will be better society realizes that the Blessed G-d doesn't make mistakes. We were all made in His image, and we want a life of truth and happiness out of the belief that the Lord loves us," added Strauss.

    The campaign asks its participants the same list of questions. It is a continuation of last year's campaign, which included religious LGBTs publicly identifying themselves as such for the first time.

    Though many in today's religious community do not accept its LGBTs members or the Pride parade and other LGBT events, in the past Jewish communities did show some level of acceptance toward its LGBT members, and saw same-sex inclinations as a natural human occurrence.

    Helen answered one of the questions presented to her by saying, "I'll never forget the delicious yeast cake he (Yair—ed) brought me when he came to visit me with Chaim for the first time." She added that "I wanted to tell him that I was so happy he is my son's partner, because I could see the positive connection between them. That I was happy for them."

    Havruta Chairperson Daniel Yunas said that "this campaign is another step in recognizing religious LGBTs. We came to show that we have the growing support of our families and the communities in which we live.

    "Even if we could be ignored, our families, friends and those who surround us cannot be. We are flesh of their flesh, (as well as) the flesh of the religious community." Yunas added that this year's theme in Jerusalem, of LGBT and religion is "an opportunity to once again call out loudly, 'We're here, and we're not going anywhere!'"

    *Helen and her son's partner, Yair – Top Picture

    *Elik and Yafa Auster, a grandmother and her grandson (Photos: Dor Lubton,  Hila Shiloni and Alona Meshulami) – Picture in the Link

    More Related Clips:

    Modern Orthodoxy embraces the religious LGBTs

    Jerusalem Gay Parade 2016
    14/07/2017 17:00

    21 mindblowing theories and facts about cartoon characters who are secretly LGBT

    As everybody knows, LGBT representation is so incredibly important when it comes to TV and film. Being able to see yourself reflected in the media acts as a sort of guidance, especially when you are young.

    Cartoons are without a doubt a favourite of young people across the world and even though you may not have realised it when you were young, some of your favourite shows probably had LGBT characters.

    From the 1990’s classic Hey Arnold up to the more recent Adventure Time, cartoons have hosted a whole range of LGBT characters helping represent the community.

    Here are some of our favourite examples of the best cartoon characters.

    1. Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum in Adventure Time

    The author of the Adventure Time Encyclopedia Martin Olson and his daughter Olivia confirmed that Marceline the Vampire Queen and Princess Bubblegum had dated in the past.

    Their former relationship explains their rocky rivalry which prevents them from getting along with each other.

    However, the former relationship of the two is never revealed in an episode because it is aired in some countries where homosexuality is still illegal

    Olivia said that their relationship may be mentioned in the upcoming book.

    2. Ursula in The Little Mermaid

    Ursula is an iconic sea witch who channels strong vibes of an evil drag queen.

    Loads of people have compared the Little Mermaid villain to the drag queen Divine as she seduces and manipulates Ariel while being completely fabulous.

    3. Betty DeVille in Rugrats

    While she isn’t really specified as being LGBT, and the theories are pretty sparse about Betty DeVille’s sexuality as a whole, one thing is for sure is that she is an incredibly strong woman and badass feminist.

    We can imagine she would be a pioneer of Dyke marches across the country.

    4. Scar in The Lion King

    Scar is one of the star examples of a “coded gay” character. The creators of The Lion Kingleft clues throughout the film that hinted to the villain’s sexuality.

    From his effeminate and sardonic behaviour to his lack of connection with any of the lionesses surrounding him, Scar definitely shows signs of not being entirely straight.

    5. Patty Bouvier in The Simpsons

    Patty is one-half of Patty and Selma, the chain-smoking twin sisters of Marge.

    The character Patty officially came out in the 16th season of the show in the episode ‘There’s something about Marrying’.

    It was one of the few episodes that carried the rarely used warning of content that might be unsuitable for children.

    6. Hades in Hercules

    Hades really is everybody’s dream gay best friend.

    His pure sass and just general talent is everything, but Greek mythology would tell us that the character probably isn’t gay.

    We can dream though.

    7. Marshmallows in Bob’s Burgers

    Marshmallow is one of the very few examples of a trans woman of colour

    The brilliant character, who is a sex worker, is called Marshmallow because if you show her a sweet potato pie she “is on top of it”.

    Bob described her in an episode: “She comes and goes as she pleases, she answers to no-one and she is truly free.”

    8. Elsa in Frozen

    The new independent princess on the block, Elsa, is the epitome of a strong independent woman.

    ‘Let It Go’ may have been about revealing her ice-princess powers, but the song has taken on connotations of no longer being in the closet.

    We love Elsa for not needing a male interest in the Frozen film, and we love that she’s become an inspiring figure for children across the world.

    Idina Menzel, who starred in the film, got on board with a campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend and she suggested Tinkerbell would be perfect for the role.

    9. Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty

    Justin Roiland, a creator and executive producer of the show, confirmed that Rick is pansexual.

    This was first revealed in the second season of the show when Rick reconnects with a former lover, Unity, a collective hive mind of individuals from a planet.

    The character’s sexuality is also hinted at in other parts of the show when it covers his backstory.

    10. Oaken in Frozen

    Oaken is the more obvious, much more gay character in the Disney film.

    The short scene that Oaken appears in shows the jolly trader offering Anna and Kristoff the opportunity to go to the sauna, where his husband is.

    Jennifer Lee, the film’s writer and co-director, said she believes it’s ‘up to the fans’ to decide what is going on in that scene.

    11. Le Fou in Beauty and the Beast

    It was revealed that the character Le Fou, in the Disney favourite Beauty and the Beast, is gay and would have a moment of exploring his sexuality in the live-action remake of the film.

    Bill Condon, the director of the remake, explained that Le Fou doesn’t know whether he wants to be Gaston, who he is a manservant to, or be with him.

    “He’s confused about what he wants. It’s somebody who’s just realising that he has these feelings,” Condon said.

    “It is a nice, exclusively gay moment in a Disney movie.”

    12. Betty Rubble and Wilma Flinstone in The Flinstones

    This is might really be pushing the boat out, but hear us out.

    Betty and Wilma are SMOKING and honestly, we’re sure what compelled them to settle with their husbands. SURE the show may have been set in the Stone Age when the men were hunter-gatherers, but that would definitely leave the women pretty bored.

    We’re sure that the men are really just the beards of the much more interesting relationship between Betty and Wilma.

    13. Timon and Pumbaa in The Lion King

    ‘Hakuna Matata’ is basically the ultimate song for not worrying about your worries or your sexuality.

    Timon and Pumbaa make the ultimate flamboyant couple, and even if they aren’t “officially” together we still thought they made two great dads for Simba.

    14. Eugene Horowitz in Hey Arnold!

    Eugene is described as a character who is “proto-gay”, meaning he hasn’t come to terms with his sexuality just yet but he’s coming close to understanding himself as he realises he doesn’t experience attraction to the opposite gender.

    Show creator Craig Bartlett said: “We always figured Eugene was kind of proto-gay. He’s not gay yet, he just will be. He loves musical theater, and he’s a wonderful guy.”

    15. Pleakley in Lilo and Stitch

    Pleakly isn’t necessarily LGBT but the male-identifying character definitely experiments with drag in in the film.

    He is seen trying “female” clothing and when he is outside with humans he often presents as female.

    16. Waylon Smithers in The Simpsons

    Waylonn Smithers was assumed to be gay from as soon as he appeared in The Simpsons. However, he did not officially come out until the 27th season of the show in the episode ‘The Burns Cage’

    Smithers does appear in Springfield’s annual gay Pride parade on a float called “Stayin’ in the Closet!” in the 2002 episode “Jaws Wired Shut”.

    17. Bucky and Pronk in Zootopia

    Disney featured a married gay couple in the film but it was so incredibly sly that basically, everyone missed it.

    Bucky and Pronk Oryx-Antlerson are never confirmed as being together outright but some eagle-eyed viewers noted that the two seem to definitely be married with their bickering and shared surname.

    18. Charlotte Pickles in Rugrats

    The true, original iconic power lesbian.

    OK, so she isn’t a lesbian in the show but there’s a lot of really bizarre fan fiction out thereabout Charlotte Pickles having a secret girlfriend.

    19. Pam Poovey in Archer

    The creator of Archer, Adam Reed, told Variety how the character Pam is a male detective called Povey in the new season of Archer: Dreamland.

    Pam’s male gender identity isn’t really addressed in the new season, but Reed explained that the intention wasn’t to have a trans character. Rather they just bent gender stereotypes to make the series fit with the 1947 theme.

    “I didn’t set out to make a statement — and hopefully whatever statement is made doesn’t offend anybody, because she’s still a total badass,” Reed explained. “You can interpret it in a lot of different ways. There’s a lot left to the audience.”

    He added. “If this character is living as a man but was born a woman in 1920, but in 1947 is living as a man. Or it’s just in Archer’s head: suddenly blink, and Poovey is now a man?”

    20. Enos Fry in Futurama

    The main character of Futurama, Philip J. Fry, meets his grandfather Enos Fry in the episode “Roswell that Ends Well”.

    The episode takes place before Yancy, Philip’s father was conceived and it follows Philip trying to make sure he gets his grandfather to get his grandmother pregnant.

    In the episode, Enos says “did you ever get the feeling you’re only going with girls ’cause you’re supposed to?” and also shows no interest in a pin-up calendar gifted to him by his grandfather, however, he does hover on a picture of a shirtless man.

    The character is killed off in the episode.

    21. Ann Possible in Kim Possible

    Honestly, we are just loving sexually ambiguous power moms in this listicle. Sorry, not sorry.

    Ann Possible is most definitely a single handed badass queer mother, who raised an even more badass daughter. Go Ann!

    11/07/2017 07:00

    Best LGBT Cities 2017

    To celebrate LGBT Pride Month and commemorate the 48th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, we’re recognizing 100 cities with active LGBT communities. At Nestpick, we aim to help people relocate to the cities that offer them the best possible quality of life. That’s why we considered thousands of destinations worldwide before shortlisting 100 cities, ranking them based on relevant factors to compile one of the largest rankings of its kind to date. 
    Top 5 cities - Madrid, Amsterdam, Toronto, Tel-Aviv, London
    Total Score = Dating + LGBT Nightlife + Openness + Safety + LGBT Rights
    Maximum available score = 25
    To make the list truly comprehensive and inclusive, thousands of cities were considered in the development stage. We conducted polls in 80 countries among the LGBT community using social media and other polling tools. We asked over 2500* participants from each city to give three lifestyle factors a rating out of five stars: the strength of their city’s gay dating scene, the quality of its LGBT nightlife, and the openness of their fellow citizens. Cities needed to average of at least two out of five stars for each of the three lifestyle factors in order to qualify the final shortlist. Thus, the maximum score is five and the minimum possible score is two for the first three categories.
    We then added the fourth category of safety to the ranking. This used public data provided by police departments of each of the 100 cities on the official number of hate crimes reported in 2016 per capita. The city with the lowest number of crimes reported was awarded a maximum safety score of five, and the city with the highest number of crimes reported was awarded a minimum score of one. 
    Finally, we added a fifth category that considered the LGBT rights of citizens in each of the 40 countries included in the ranking. We conducted an in-depth review of regional and national legislation (as of May 2017) affecting members of the LGBT community in each of the respective countries. A maximum score of 5 was awarded to countries that allow same sex marriage, adoption by same-sex couples, LGBT citizens to serve in the military, for anyone to change their gender identity, and ban all anti-LGBT discrimination.

    01/07/2017 16:00

    'Huge validation': Oregon becomes first state to allow official third gender option

    Oregon has become the first state in the US to allow a third gender option on licenses and identification cards, a major civil rights victory for non-binary people who identify as neither male nor female.

    State officials adopted a new rule on Thursday that allows people to put an “X” marker on state IDs and driver’s licenses instead of the traditional “M” for male or “F” for female, a move that activists hope will spark reforms across the country that expand the legal recognition of gender-nonconforming people.


    30/06/2017 07:00

    Colombian Gay 'Throuple' Discuss Upcoming Wedding

    Last month, we told you about the three men who were slated to become Colombia's first legal polyamorous family.

    It's hard enough to find one person to love and want to be with for the rest of your life, but some of us apparently are lucky enough to find two, creating a thruple. 

    Three gay men say they have gained legal recognition as the first "polyamorous family" in Colombia, where same-sex marriages were legalised last year.

    "We wanted to validate our household... and our rights, because we had no solid legal basis establishing us as a family," said one of the men, actor Victor Hugo Prada, in a video published by Colombian media on Monday.

    He said he and his two partners, sports instructor John Alejandro Rodriguez and journalist Manuel Jose Bermudez, signed legal papers with a solicitor in the city of Medellin, establishing them as a family unit with inheritance rights.

    "This establishes us as a family, a polyamorous family. It is the first time in Colombia that has been done."

    Lawyer and gay rights activist German Rincon Perfetti said there are many three-person unions in Colombia but this was the first one to be legally recognised.

    "It is a recognition that other types of family exist," he told AFP.

    A ruling by the constitutional court in April 2016 made Colombia the fourth South American country to definitively legalise same-sex marriage, after Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay. - telegraph.co.uk

    And now, the gentlemen are speaking to The Guardian about their upcoming nuptials.

    Manuel Bermudez and Alejandro Rodriguez have been together for 18 years. 

    And their soon to be three-way union is not be the first time the couple found themselves on the frontline in the fight for gay rights.

    16 long years before country's constitutional court would make same-sex marriage legal, Bermudez and Rodriguez would become the very first gay male couple in Colombia to receive formal legal recognition of their partnership, back in 2000Then four years ago, Victor Hugo Prada joined the polyamorous partnership.

    Bermudez, Rodriguez, and Prada proceed tell The Guardian about their upcoming wedding plans, and how they plan to celebrate their fourth partner, Alex Esneider Zabala, who died of stomach cancer three years ago.

    The four of them had planned a ceremony to celebrate their union. But when Zabala died three years ago after being diagnosed with stomach cancer, Prada, Bermudez and Rodriguez realised that a ceremony was not enough. “As much as we considered ourselves a family, we had to fight hard to be recognised as Alex’s partners when he died,” says Bermudez.

    The surviving three sought to formalise their relationship through legal means. Rincon-Perfetti, who drew up the paperwork 17 years ago to seal Bermudez and Rodriguez’s union, offered to help. He knows of no other case in the world where a polyamorous relationship between three men has been granted legal recognition.

    “There are a lot of throuples but it is completely clandestine,” says Rincón-Perfetti. He said he expects other polyamorous partnerships to seek the same legal status after the media attention on Prada, Bermudez and Rodriguez’s union.

    The Guardian adds:

    Bermudez and Rodriguez have celebrated their 18-year bilateral partnership in several different ceremonies over the years. But for Prada, the three-way ceremony will be his first and he wants it to be special. 

    He has asked a female priest to officiate the spiritual part of the ceremony and envisions three dance troupes – representing water, earth and fire – giving each of the grooms away. A fourth – symbolising air – will represent Zabala, the deceased partner.


    05/07/2017 21:00

    McDonald's to debut rainbow-decorated fry boxes along DC's Capital Pride parade route

    McDonald’s customers in Washington, D.C., can expect their next order of fries to come with a message of inclusivity.

    In celebration of the city’s LGBTQ community, select McDonald’s locations in the D.C. area will be serving large orders of french fries in rainbow-print packaging during Pride weekend.

    The colorful fry boxes will be available between June 9 and June 11, but only while supplies last, and only at three specific McDonald’s restaurants located along this year’s Capital Pride Alliance’s parade route.


    The McDonald’s Family Restaurants of Greater Washington, D.C., was also a sponsor of the Capital Pride Alliance — a non-profit organization dedicated to LGBTQ education and outreach.

    Cathy Martin, co-chair of the McDonald’s PRIDE Network and vice president/general manager of McDonald’s Baltimore Washington Region, explained the company’s new fry boxes in a press release obtained by Fox News.

    “The rainbow fry boxes are a fun way to show our support of the LGBTQ community using one of McDonald’s most iconic and recognizable items; however, these fry boxes are ‘small potatoes’ in the grand scheme of our commitment to this community,” said Martin.

    “We are proud to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ community, including our employees, customers and beyond, each and every day.”

    Participating McDonald’s locations include: 1944 14th Street, NW; 1619 17th Street, NW; and 1916 M Street, NW.

    McDonald’s of Greater Washington, D.C. was also an official sponsor of the Capital Pride Block Party at June 10.

    11/07/2017 18:00

    Vatican police raid ‘drug-fueled gay orgy’ in cardinal’s apartment

    Vatican police reportedly arrested a priest who is secretary to one of Pope Francis‘s key advisers in a raid that interrupted what was described as “a drug-fueled gay orgy.”

    It happened last month, not far outside Vatican City, according to the Italian newspaper, Il Fatto Quotidiano. Police entered an apartment at the former palace of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith — the office that strictly enforces Catholic dogma, once run by former Pope Benedict before he was elected pontiff.

    The Rome apartment belongs to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts, but is not his home.

    The unnamed monsignor who was arrested serves as the cardinal’s secretary; the paper said he was hospitalized for a short period in the Vatican’s Roman Pius XI clinic, to detox from drugs, and is currently staying at an undisclosed convent in Italy.

    According to the report, the tip came from neighbors who were suspicious of what was described as the “irregular behavior” of men coming and going at odd hours.

    Il Fatto Quotidiano reported that Pope Francis was furious at the news and as a result may force Coccopalmerio into retirement. The newspaper said the cardinal’s troubles were multiplied because the apartment was reserved only for high-ranking Vatican officials, not support staff, and the monsignor who was arrested had used a car with official Vatican diplomatic license plates to transport the drugs, thus avoiding inspection by Italian border police.

    This is hardly the only recent scandal to rock the Vatican. The New Zealand Herald reports Cardinal George Pell, in charge of cleaning-up the Vatican’s shady finances, is on a leave of absence to defend himself against sex abuse charges in Australia.

    06/07/2017 14:00

    Private Jewish school fails third Ofsted inspection for not teaching LGBT issues

    Vishnitz Orthodox girls' school failed three inspections on the grounds it did not meet requirements set out in the Equalities Act.
    A private faith school in London has failed its third Ofsted inspection for refusing to teach its pupils about homosexuality.
    Inspectors visiting Vishnitz Girls School in north London last month said the Orthodox school does not give pupils “a full understanding of fundamental British values”, The Telegraph reported.
    Pupils were not taught about LGBT issues such as “sexual orientation”, which are in breach of equality laws.
    “This restricts pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and does not promote equality of opportunity in ways that take account of differing lifestyles,” inspectors reported.
    The school’s approach resulted in pupils being “shielded from learning about certain differences between people, such as sexual orientation,” the report went on. “The school’s culture is, however, clearly focused on teaching pupils to respect everybody, regardless of beliefs and lifestyle
    While school leaders ”recognise the requirement to teach about the protected characteristics as set out in the Equality Act 2010… they acknowledge that they do not teach pupils about all the protected characteristics, particularly those relating to gender re-assignment and sexual orientation. 
    “This means that pupils have a limited understanding of the different lifestyles and partnerships that individuals may choose in present-day society.”
    While fee-paying schools such as Vishnitz do not operate under the same curriculum as mainstream state schools, they are obliged to meet two separate sets of standards for sex and relationships education laid out by the Department for Education and Ofsted.
    Ofsted makes clear that schools are not expected to "promote" ideas about sexual orientation or gender reassignment, but they are expected to "encourage pupils' respect for other people, paying particular regard to the protected characteristics set out in the 2010 Equalities Act".
    The school, which has 212 pupils, and charges annual fees of £5,200, was praised in other areas, including the fact teachers had “good subject knowledge and high-quality classroom resources”. 
    Just last week, the new Ofsted chief Amanda Spielman gave a speech on the importance of teaching “fundamental British values” within schools.
    Private schools which do not meet Ofsted requirements – which include consideration of “spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils” - must improve or face closure.
    Gill Robins from the Christians in Education campaign group criticised the decision, writing in a blog post: “It’s now been made crystal clear by Ofsted that the Equality Act is actually hierarchical, with sexual orientation and gender reassignment at the apex of the Act.
    “All equalities are equal but some equalities are more equal than others.
    “Ofsted has revealed its true agenda. It doesn’t matter how good your school is in all other respects – simply refusing to teach very young children about gender reassignment will lead to your closure.”
    Earlier this year, Education Secretary Justine Greening pushed through plans to make sex and relationships education compulsory in all schools.
    LGBT campaigners warned the policy still left “loopholes” for religious schools in that they are allowed some flexibility in their teaching of SRE “in keeping with their faith”.
    A spokesperson from the LGBT charity Stonewall said: "It’s vital all young people learn about LGBT issues. Inclusive, age-appropriate education ensures young people understand and celebrate difference. For those who might be questioning their gender identity it’s essential as it shows they’re not alone and that what they’re feeling isn’t wrong.
    "We applaud schools that create an inclusive learning environment where all students of all backgrounds and identities feel welcome, safe and understood."
    Vishnitz School has been contacted for a response.
    The faith school is one of seven known to have failed Ofsted inspections within recent weeks.  
    And Ofsted spokesperson said DfE standards require schools to "actively promote fundamental British values such as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. 
    “Parents have the right, on behalf of their children, to expect an education that conforms to their religious beliefs and is in compliance with the law.
    “Children living in England deserve the best - the law expects schools to demonstrate that they are encouraging pupils to take a respectful and tolerant stance towards those who hold values different from their own. Ofsted acts robustly and impartially to ensure children in England receive a good education.”
    29/06/2017 01:00

    The program "Madrid and the World" in Tel Aviv

    The biggest celebration of Gay Pride in the Middle East is celebrated in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the most modern, young and western city of Israel and offers visitors a Mediterranean flavor and the history of a millenary culture.

    28/06/2017 16:00

    New LGBT Community Network

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    08/06/2017 21:00

    German gay marriage vote given green light by Angela Merkel

    Angela Merkel has opened the way for gay marriage to be legalised in Germany after she called for a free vote in parliament on the issue.

    The surprise announcement represents a major U-turn for the German chancellor, who has previously opposed gay marriage, citing concerns for children.

    A vote could now be held as soon as next week. A majority of MPs are believed to be in favour of legalisation.

    Mrs Merkel described her change of heart in terms of a Damascene conversion. She spoke of a “life-changing experience” when she met a lesbian couple in her parliamentary constituency who have adopted eight children.

    But sceptics suggested the timing may also have something to do with the coming German elections in September. Mrs Merkel’s chief rivals, the Social Democrats (SPD) have pledged to legalise gay marriage, and opinion polls show more than 80 per cent of Germans are in favour.

    While civil partnerships have been available to homosexual couples in Germany since 2001, gay marriages are not recognised by the state.

    Opposition from the conservative wing of Mrs Merkel’s Christian Democrat party (CDU) has been the main roadblock to legalisation.

    The chancellor chose the unlikely venue of a live event hosted by the women’s magazine Brigitte on Monday night to announce what amounted to a small political bombshell.

    “I want to change the discussion to a decision of conscience, rather than something I can direct with a whipped vote,” she said.

    “If the state gives a homosexual couple children to take care of, I can no longer argue this issue simply on the question of child welfare. These are issues that greatly concern me.”

    At the same time she called for “respect for those for whom it is hard to make such a decision”.

    28/06/2017 00:00

    "Dyke March" Chicago  gay parade expels Star of David flags

    The Dyke March takes place one day ahead of the city's official Pride March.

    Organisers of an LGBT-tights festival in Chicago are being accused of anti-Semitism after they expelled marchers carrying the Star of David. 

    The rainbow flags with the Jewish symbol "made people feel unsafe", an organiser told the Windy City Times.

    Laurel Grauer said she was told to leave the so-called Dyke March "because my flag was a trigger to people that they found offensive".

    The organisers later hit back, saying Israel hides behind LGBT-rights.


    27/06/2017 00:00

    רומי אברג׳יל הטרנסית הצעירה, שהחלה את התהליך לשינויי מין בגיל 11, מככבת בערוץ הילדים 

    רומי אברג'יל, הנערה הצעירה ביותר בישראל שעברה הליך לשינוי מין, משתתפת בתכנית הקיץ של ערוץ הילדים "הבנים והבנות". בפרק האחרון שיתפה את חברותיה בחוויית ההתבגרות שלה: "עברתי תקופה קשה, אבל היום אני שלמה עם עצמי"


    07/07/2017 10:00

     ויקה.מי כרטיס עסקי או פרופיל היכרות וירטואלי

    כרטיס ויקה.מי, עובד איתך ובשבילך 24/7 , מציג את האישיות הרבגונית או את הייחודיות של העסק שלך.

    צור כרטיס, בחר כתובת ייחודית והצטרף לדפי האינדקס הגלובלים של ויקה.מי 
    קוד קופון: pride  

    מספר דוגמאות:

    פרופיל עסקי:





    פרופיל רומנטי:




    מצא אהבה:




    סרטון הדרכה קצר

    למידע נוסף



    04/07/2017 00:00

    בית ספר יהודי בבריטניה ייסגר בשל סירוב להעביר שיעורים על הומוסקסואליות

    בית ספר יהודי אורתודוקסי פרטי בשם וישניץ לילדות בנות 6-9 בצפון לונדון ייסגר בידי השלטונות בשל סירובו להעביר שיעורים על הומוסקסואליות. כך מדווח הטלגראף הבריטי. לדברי העיתון, בית הספר נכשל זו הפעם השלישית בביקורת שנערכה על ידי משרד החינוך הבריטי בשל הסיבה שאינו מעביר לילדות תכנים של "סובלנות להומוסקסואלים", ולכן רשיונו לא יוארך.
    29/06/2017 02:00

    אנגלה מרקל סללה את הדרך לנישואים גאים בגרמניה

    אנגלה מרקל תאפשר חופש הצבעה סיעתי במפלגה. זאת תפנית מפתיעה משום שאנגל מרגל הביעה התנגדות בעבר לאפשר נישואים חד מיניים בגרמניה
    כעת חופש ההצבעה יאפשר רוב להעברת החוק. ההצבעה תתקיים בתחילת שבוע הבא.

    27/06/2017 19:00

    משרד הבריאות:הנחיות למטיילים בעקבות התפרצות חצבת באירופה     

      החצבת הינה מחלה מדבקת מאוד עם סיבוכים קשים מחרשות עד מוות.

    בעקבות התפרצות החצבת במקומות שונים ברחבי העולם, פרסם משרד הבריאות מידע שימושי והמלצות למטייל הישראלי:

    מי שנולד בישראל לפני 1957: נחשב מחוסן.

    מי שנולד בישראל משנת 1958 עד 1977 כולל ולא חלה: צריך להשלים את החיסון (מנה אחת או שתי מנות, בהתאם לגיל ומצב החיסון) על פי הנחיות משרד הבריאות.

    מי שנולד בישראל משנת 1978 ואילך אמור להיות מחוסן בשתי מנות ברווח זמן של ארבעה שבועות לפחות בין המנות.

     על ילדים עד כיתה א –  בני 6-11 חודשים להתחסן במנה אחת (מנה זו לא תיספר כמנה תקפה ויש לחזור על החיסון לאחר גיל 12 חודשים).

    על ילדים בני 12 חודשים עד כיתה א' להתחסן בשתי מנות של החיסון, בהפרש של ארבעה שבועות לפחות בין המנות. המנה השנייה תחשב כמנה תקפה גם אם ניתנה לפני גיל 6 שנים, בתנאי ששתי המנות ניתנו ברווח זמן של ארבעה שבועות או יותר מגיל 12 חדשים ואילך.

    כמו כן, נחשב מחוסן נגד חצבת בכל גיל:

    מי שיש בידו תיעוד מעבדתי על חסינות נגד חצבת.

    מי שיש בידו תיעוד רפואי על מחלה בעבר, אשר אובחנה אבחון קליני ומעבדתי.

    מי שיש לו תיעוד על קבלת שתי מנות של החיסון, ברווח זמן של ארבעה שבועות לפחות בין המנות שניתנו אחרי גיל 12 חודשים.

    עיתון דבר ראשון


    23/06/2017 13:00

    צועדים גאים שהחזיקו דגל גאווה עם מגן דוד גורשו ממצעד ה״דייק מרץ׳״ בשיקגו  

    הדייק מרץ' מתקיים יום לפני המצעד הרשמי בשיקגו ולטענת מארגניו  המצעד הוא יותר סוציאלי ולמען זכויות להט"ב מאשר הפסטיבל של המצעד הרשמי.
    מארגני המצעד בקשו ממשתתפים שהחזיקו בדגל גאווה עם סמל מגן דוד לעזוב משום שהסמל פוגע ברגשות המשתתפים האחרים, כמו כן הוסיפו שמדינת ישראל מסתתרת מאחורי זכויות הלהט״ב.

    27/06/2017 00:00

    סקר חדו"ש: התמיכה בנישואין או ברישום זוגיות לבני אותו מין נסקה לשיא של 76%

    תוצאות דרמטיות בסקר שערך מכון סמית בהזמנת חדו"ש לקראת מצעד הגאווה 2016 : 80% תומכים במתן כל או רוב הזכויות לזוגות להט"בים נשואים. 46% מהדתיים תומכים במיסוד זוגיות לבני אותו מין

    עלייה דרמטית בתמיכה בהנהגת נישואין או ברית זוגיות לזוגות בני אותו מין בישראל. שלושה רבעים מהציבור היהודי בישראל (76%) תומכים בכך שישראל תאפשר לזוגות בני אותו מין נישואין (64%) או רישום זוגיות (12%). בשורה ארוכה של סקרים שנערכו בשנים האחרונות תמכו רק 60% עד 65% מהציבור במיסוד זוגיות לבני אותו מין בישראל, כך שמדובר בקפיצת מדרגה בתמיכת הציבור. נתון משלים ומרחיק לכת לא פחות: 80% מהיהודים בישראל תומכים בעמדה שיש להעניק לזוגות נשואים בני אותו מין את כל (75%) או רוב (5%) הזכויות של זוג נשוי הטרוסקסואלי.

    כך עולה מסקר שערך מכון סמית בהזמנת עמותת חדו"ש לחופש דת ושוויון לקראת שבוע הגאווה בישראל ומצעד הגאווה, שייערך ביום שישי, 3.6, בתל אביב. הסקר נערך באמצעות הטלפון ב-24 וב-25 במאי בקרב מדגם מייצג של 500 איש מקרב האוכלוסייה היהודית הבוגרת.

    מנכ"ל עמותת חדו"ש, הרב עו"ד אורי רגב, אמר בתגובה: "תוצאות הסקר הן אות כבוד ותעודת בגרות לציבור בישראל וסיבה נוספת לגאווה בשבוע הגאווה. אבל המצב החוקי והפוליטי בנושא מביש!" לדברי רגב, "הנתונים מוכיחים שהכרה במיסוד נישואין של בני אותו מין ובחופש נישואין בכלל הפכה לקונסנזוס ברוב הציבור היהודי בישראל. הסיבה העיקרית לכך שרצון הציבור אינו מתורגם לחקיקה היא העובדה שממשלות ישראל לדורותיהן מוכרות בזו אחר זו את חופש הנישואין למפלגות החרדיות והדתיות".

    רגב ציין ש"ישראל היא הדמוקרטיה המערבית היחידה בעולם שיש בה מגבלות חמורות על חופש הנישואין וקרוב לעשרה אחוזים מתושביה אינם יכולים להינשא בה כלל. 42 מדינות בעולם כבר מאפשרות נישואין או רישום זוגיות לבני אותו מין. כלומר, גם בתחום מיסוד נישואי הלהט"בים הפער בין ישראל לעולם הנאור הולך וגדל. רק אם הציבור יתעורר ויבהיר לפוליטיקאים עד כמה הנושא חשוב ועקרוני מבחינתו, הם יפסיקו את מסורת הכניעה המבישה ויפעלו להנהגת נישואין וגירושין אזרחיים לכל מי שיבחר בכך".

    נוסח שאלת הסקר המרכזית היה "האם לדעתך יש לאפשר לזוגות בני אותו מין נישואין או רישום זוגיות בישראל"? 76% מהמשיבים ענו בחיוב. רק 24% ענו שאין לאפשר לזוגות להט"בים למסד את הזוגיות שלהם בישראל. בין החילונים 90% תומכים, בין המסורתיים 77% ובין הדתיים – 46% (מתוכם 29% תומכים בהנהגת נישואין). עוד הפתעה: גם בין העולים מחבר העמים, שנחשבים שמרנים מאוד בנוגע ליחסים להט"ביים, נרשמה עלייה גדולה ו-74% מהם תומכים, כמעט כמו בקרב הוותיקים.

     74% ממצביעי הליכוד תומכים בכך שישראל תאפשר נישואין (57%) או רישום זוגיות (17%) לזוגות בני אותו מין. בעמדה זו תומכים גם 93% ממצביעי כולנו, 80% ממצביעי ישראל ביתנו ו-57% ממצביעי הבית היהודי. כלומר, יש רוב בכל מפלגות הקואליציה, להוציא המפלגות החרדיות, למיסוד הזוגיות של בני אותו מין. בקרב מצביעי ש"ס, 77% מתנגדים לכך אבל 23% תומכים במתן אפשרות לרישום זוגיות לזוגות להט"בים. בקרב מצביעי יהדות התורה – 95% מתנגדים. בקרב מצביעי השמאל והמרכז התמיכה בכך שישראל תאפשר נישואין או רישום זוגיות ללהט"בים נעה בין 89% (יש עתיד), 95% (מרצ) ועד 98% (המחנה הציוני.(

    כאמור, מדובר בעלייה דרמטית לעומת סקרים קודמים שבהם נשאלו שאלות דומות (אם כי לא זהות). "מדד הדת והמדינה" של חדו"ש כלל מאז היווסדו כמה פעמים את השאלה: "האם לדעתך נישואים אזרחיים או ברית הזוגיות צריכים לחול גם על זוגות מאותו מין?" ב-2009 היה רוב זעיר של 53% בעד מיסוד זוגיות להט"בים בישראל. ב-2015 התמיכה הגיעה ל-64%, עדיין רחוק מרמת התמיכה של 76% בסקר הנוכחי. גם בסקר מקיף (מדגם של אלף משיבים) שערכה ב-2014 ד"ר מינה צמח ממכון מדגם בשביל הקiאליציה למען חופש נישואין הביעו 63% מהמשיבים תמיכה בנישואין אזרחיים או רישום זוגיות ללהט"בים. כלומר, התוצאה הנוכחית היא עלייה משמעותיתתוצאה נוספת בסקר הנוכחי משלימה ומחזקת את תמונת הגידול בתמיכה בנישואי להט"בים: 80% ענו שבהנחה שיונהגו בארץ נישואין אזרחיים או רישום זוגיות לבני אותו מין יש להעניק לזוגות הלהט"בים את כל (75%) או רוב (5%) הזכויות שיש לזוגות הטרוסקסואליים. רק 5% ענו שיש להעניק הרבה פחות זכויות ועוד 15% טענו שאסור לאפשר מיסוד זוגיות לבני אותו מין. 91% מהחילונים תומכים בהענקת כל או רוב הזכויות לזוגות הלהט"בים, 86% מהמשיבים הלא חרדים ו-76% מהעולים מחבר העמים תומכים בכך. בפילוח פוליטי: 75% ממצביעי הליכוד וישראל ביתנו תומכים בהענקת כל או רוב הזכויות, 100% (!) ממצביעי כולנו ו-71% ממצביעי הבית היהודי.

    18/06/2017 00:00

    כנס סטודנטים/יות גאים למדעי המחשב

    האחווה הגאה משיקה מפגשים ארציים בנושאי תוכן לימודים - ואחד הראשונים יהיה כנס סטודנטים גאים למדעי המחשב.
    המפגש ייערך בחסות מיקרוסופט ו-GLEAM - עובדים ועובדות גאים במיקרוסופט ישראל.

    אני שמח להזמין אתכםן לכנס סטודנטים/יות למדעי המחשב שיתקיים ב- 8 ביוני 2017, יום חמישי בשעה 14:30-19:30
    ניתן להגיע גם ב16:00 ולפספס את אירוע הגאווה של מיקרוסופט, עם הפתעות מיוחדות)

    מטרת הכנס, פרט להרמות ושמחה, להפגיש בין סטודנטים וסטודנטיות להט"ב למדעי המחשב וליצור שיח על הצרכים ו/או האחריות של להט"בים בתחום.
    כמו כן חשוב לנו להפגיש בין סטודנטים/יות עם להט"בים אחרים שכבר עובדים בתחום בכדי להפיג חששות אפשריים ולקדם נטוורקינג קהילתי.
    במהלך הכנס נקיים שיחה עם קובי מימון מהתארגנות GLEAM - GLBT Employees in Microsoft ואסף רפפופורט, מנהל בכיר בחברה.
    כמו כן נעבור סדנא של מחלקת משאבי אנוש לגבי ראיונות עבודה בחברות עתירות טכנולוגיה.


    23/06/2017 15:00

    חוק חדש במדינת אונטריו בקנדה מתיר לרשויות להוציא ילדים מחזקת הוריהם אם אלו לא מקבלים את זהותם המינית

    נקודה למחשבה: סקר שנערך בארה״ב בשנת 2012 הראה שכ 40% מבני הנוער ההומלסים הם לגב״ט
    20/06/2017 10:00

     JVP sabotage Jewish LGBT march

    Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) has no real justification to call itself Jewish nor does it really strive for peace. Instead, all it strives to do is bash any organization and any person who is proud of Israel.

    During an Israel day parade, members of the Jewish Queer Youth (JQY) organized their own march in New York city. What they didn't realize was the fact that some JVP members had infiltrated into their march.

    On cue, the infiltrators,  revealed their true identities, held up signs bashing Israel, unplugged the sound system and tried to physically block the marchers (15 seconds into this movie http://bit.ly/2ryZxqs). 

    This is not the first time that the JVP operates through such guerilla tactics: Last year, JVP activists tried to shut down an LGBTQ event (http://bit.ly/2rjUqLw) and two years ago, they tried to disrupt a ceremony commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz (http://bit.ly/2s43EOy).

    Now, it really doesn't matter if you do or do not support LGBTQ's because of your personal beliefs. The problem here is that these acts by JVP members exemplify their wish to destroy any basis for dialogue and despite the name of the organization, they have lost their connection to Jews who believe in Israel and their goal isn't peace at all. 

    That's probably why the JVP's honored guests (who received standing ovations) at the their latest annual meeting were none other than Rasmea Odeh, a convicted terrorist responsible for the deaths of two innocent victims, and Linda Sarsour, a shariah-loving-anti-Semite-anti-Zionist "disguised" as a liberal-feminist.

    The members of the JVP, specially the Jewish ones, should pause and rethink on what is the essence of their commitment to the JVP: there are many Jewish people who are fighting for peace in Israel and they don't all agree on the right path to peace but their tactics are destructive and divisive and cause much more harm than good.


    19/06/2017 00:00

    מפת חופש הנישואין בעולם

    נישואין ורישום זוגיות לבני אותו מין

    42 מדינות מאפשרות מיסוד זוגיות לבני אותו מין, רובן המוחלט באירופה. אף אחת באסיה

    חידו״ש התנועה לחופש דת ושיוויון
    21/06/2017 05:00

    תיירות גאה במצעד

    73% מהנשאלים דיווחו כי יחזרו לבקר בעיר בשנתיים הקרובות, ועוד 25% הצהירו כי ישקלו זאת ■ אולם, כחמישית ציינו כי ההוצאות היו מעבר לתקציב שתכננו וכרבע טענו שהוציאו יותר מ-500 שקל ביום ■ מנכ"ל מנהלת עיר עולם ותיירות בעיריית ת"א-יפו: "לא רק לקהל הגאה יקר בתל-אביב - לכולם יקר כאן"

    19/06/2017 12:00

    שיחת היום עם לוסי אהריש

    מוטי יוגב  הומופוב קטן וחשוך

    נתונים מעניינים ומעודדים, על פי סקר שעשה מכון סמית, עבור תנועת חופש דת ושיוויון:

     65%מצביעי הבית היהודי תומכים בנישואים חד מיניים.

     84% ממצביעי הליכוד תומכים בנישואים חד מיניים.

      92% מהחילונים בארץ ו 47% מהדתיים תומכים בנישואים חד מיניים.


    17/06/2017 10:00

    מה אפשר ללמוד מההיסטוריה של המיניות 

    איך השפיע יחסם של הנאצים למיניות על הדורות הבאים בגרמניה? ולמה הימין האמריקאי מצליח לעורר חרדה מסקס דווקא בתקופה הנוכחית? לפי ההיסטוריונית דגמר הרצוג, העיסוק במין ובמגדר יכול ללמד אותנו הרבה מאוד על ...המוסר, הדת והפוליטיקה שסביבנו. http://www.haaretz.co.il/magazine/the-edge/.premium-1.3197045

    17/06/2017 14:00
    Liberal' mosque where burqas are banned opens in Germany

    Women and men will be permitted to pray together and all members of the LGBTQ community will be welcomed without prejudice, Ms Ates told the Der Spiegel newspaper. Sunni and Shiite believers will also be encouraged to preach alongside each other.
    16/06/2017 20:00

    הרב דוויך: "על אף חסרונותיה – ההומוסקסואליות היא התפתחות מדהימה לאנושות" | הלכה

    הרב יוסף דוויך הכהן, רבה של קהילת "שער השמים" בלונדון (והנשוי לנכדת הרב עובדיה יוסף), מסר שיעור של שעה וחצי ובו דיבר על הנושא ההומוסקסואלי תחת הכותרת "נקודת מבט: הומוסקסואליות בתורה" (Perspectives: Male Homosexuality in Torah). השיעור נמסר במאי 2017, אייר-סיוון תשע"ז, וחולל סערה בעולם הרבני

     And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.  And Saul took him that day, and would let him go no more home to his father’s house.  Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul.  And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his apparel, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.

    14/06/2017 15:00

    Perspectives: Male Homosexuality in Torah

    And it came to pass, when he had made an end of speaking unto Saul, that the soul of Jonathan was knit with the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.  And Saul took him that day, and would let him go no more home to his father’s house.  Then Jonathan made a covenant with David, because he loved him as his own soul.  And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his apparel, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.
    14/06/2017 15:00

    Pride Special 

    Join LGBT Community Global Network Pages of LGBT Friendly businesses, web sites and LGBT community members from all over the world.

    Doing Business, Networking or even finding your true love :-)

    Special for Pride Month, June/2017

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    Happy Pride Month

    08/06/2017 21:00

    Welcome to LGBT Global Community Network

    Contact Us for any LGBT Question or item you think should be posted in LGBT Community Network Card
    08/06/2017 02:00

    Happy Pride Months

    Happy Pride Month!

    Although I’m a few days late to the beginning of it, nevertheless I want to acknowledge it on my blog, since along with Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month just this past May, LGBT Pride Month is another one which holds a dear place in my heart.

    As someone who identifies with the LGBT community, I believe that it’s important that we continue to advocate for our rights in an otherwise cis-gender, heteronormative society. Although things have gotten a lot better in terms of acceptance and inclusion for LGBTQ+ individuals, there still needs to be work done in receiving full rights with the rest of the population who don’t identify as such. In any case, I’m blessed to have been born and raised in a country (not to forget city) that is progressive on this issue, for it isn’t the case for many others out there in the world. Only thing we can do is to help and push for justice, breaking down boundaries one at a time until they’ve all been destroyed.

    It’s amazing to see just how far we’ve come, especially in the United States. From the Stonewall riots in the 1960’s to the 2015 Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage (which I wrote about here), it’s always inspiring to hear about people fighting for the sake of loving whomever they want, despite societal taboos and whatnot. Although our fight for justice hasn’t been the easiest, as seen in tragic events like the assassination of openly-gay politician Harvey Milk in the 1970’s and 2016’s Orlando night club shooting (my thoughts here), things are getting better and better with each day, and I’m happy that it’s happening.

    One thing that has been on my mind lately is the *debatable* inclusive nature of the acronym “LGBT.” After watching a few YouTubers discussing this controversy (having been around since the term was coined), it really got me thinking about it. Some people have gotten upset that the acronym includes specific groups while excluding others, as well as having a problem with the ordering of the letters, i.e. some saying “GLBT” instead of “LGBT,” which implies priority over gay men instead of lesbians- not to forget that bisexuals and transgender individuals are always placed at the end of the acronym (i.e. you never see “BTLG” anywhere). Even though I’ve taken a Queer Theory course and had been heavily interested in the field back in college, it’d never crossed my mind that there’s even issues within the community itself. In my opinion, I believe that the acronym, while serving a convenient purpose for the moment, will become obsolete once everyone who isn’t of the cis-gender, heteronormative category(ies) receives 100-percent the same rights and treatment.

    In other words, labels won’t be important anymore, and people can get by without having to always defend themselves for being who they are. Personally, I don’t really believe in labels anymore (I swear, I’m not a hipster), but when I was first coming to terms with my sexuality, I would agonize over it, asking myself if I was this or that. Even to this day, I’m not 100-percent sure, but it doesn’t matter as much anymore: I’ll love whomever I love, whether or not it ascribes to heteronormative standards or not.

    Anyway, I think I’ve exhausted you with complex (and complicated) thoughts. I’m hoping for a lovely (and safe) month to come. Here’s to everyone in the LGBT and LGBT-supporting community- cheers!

    — The Finicky Cynic


    08/06/2017 02:00
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